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arketinginsight.ch focuses on 360° marketing areas like relationship marketing (CRM), strategic marketing (STP) and marketing performance measurement (MPM). Many companies focus on tactics rather than strategy, most companies know how to acquire customers but struggle to retain them and finally barely any company is able to measure its marketing performance. It’s time for a change.

Selection criteria

Marketing campaign driven by which criteria?

ecently I had some interesting chats with some people from large international companies looking for some high quality leads for their marketing campaigns. As always I asked them what kind of leads are they aiming for and which criteria should be the appropriate criteria of choice. Not surprisingly they came up with standard criteria like number of employees, sales revenue, industry codes and geographical setting. But is that really what matters? Is that enough? Haven’t marketers been tol
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Relationship marketing is strategic.

Relationship management is strategic

Relationships are strategic. Customer relationship management is an approach that has to be implemented across the entire company to achieve the desired output. As with any initiative in a company it is crucial that senior management acts as a role model and supports the initiative. If this is not the case most oft he efforts are just wasted and not sustainable. However, considering relationship management as a strategic task there are various implications for the management. First of all there
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Relationship Marketing

What is relationship marketing all about?

Relationship marketing (RM) has recently become very popular. This article lies the foundations to understand what it is all about. Since the topic is complex and comprehensive I’m going to divide the content into several posts for a better and more focused understanding. Customer acquisition becomes more and more difficult. Relationship marketing could be a remedy. The financial crisis and its aftermath increased the difficulties to acquire new customers. Many companies invest significant
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